Classic Turntable Patents

Classic Turntable Patents

As I became more and more obcessed with my research on DJing setups, I started to use Google patents search-engine to look for some detailed info on CD-players or newer turntables – regarding features that are closely related to my proposed work towards a multitouch virtual DJing application.

During that research I came across some interesting old patents, of the earlier Panasonic models for instance. So I post some here, the links are placed below each image (which are aesthetically amazing!).

Patent no. D252393 Filing date: 5 Apr 1977

turntablepatents1Visit the patent of this turntable model from 77, here.

Patent no: D249143 Filing date: Jun 16, 1976


Visit this oldie patent, here.

The all-time classic: Technics Sl-1200


If you wish to see the SL-1200 schematics, go here.

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