June 2nd 2023, solo @ Forestlimit, Tokyo, Japan (with videos)

June 2nd 2023, solo @ Forestlimit, Tokyo, Japan (with videos)

Turntable percussion solo @ Forestlimit in Tokyo, Japan, 2023. Solo with two Technics SL 1200s turntables and a custom standalone tone arm. Thanks Terada-san for organizing this beautiful night in Tokyo. Below you can find some videos posted on social media from audience members. Scroll below the videos for info about the other (amazing!) musicians who played this evening.

A longer excerpt is below (audio is slightly clipped from mixer’s output. pre-compressor/limiter):


“fLASHBAx8”   Live:
Pedro Lopes (from Portugal)

DJ MEMAI   ————-   DJ 感電/KANDEN (OPTRON) aka Atsuhiro Ito who is the only player of OPTRON He joins some projects, ZVIZMO, entangle..etc

HUH HUH is a noise improvisation duo consisting of Takuma Mori (drums, voice) and Kyosuke Terada (guitar, voice), active mainly in Tokyo. Formed in the summer of 2007. Through experimental live performances and studio sessions, the duo has developed a unique free-form freak-out sound that mixes noise and alternative music. They have independently released CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, participated in compilations, collaborated on sound sources, etc., on labels in Japan and abroad regardless of the media, and have also been active in events and live performances. January 2017: First European tour. June 2018 Invited to Lacking Sound Festival, an experimental music festival in Taipei, Taiwan. October 2019: 6 shows in 6 days on tour in Australia. In 2023, they released a record from the French label An’archives. https://huh.jimdofree.com/profile-1/https://huhjpn.bandcamp.com

Pedro Lopes (from Portugal) He play turntables as a full-fledged musical instrument, which means I think they can be bowed, percussed, scratched, subversed & hacked. He makes his own needles and records using circuit-bending and acrylic cutting. He engages in collaboration with visual artists, performance & improvisors. He played in venues such as Transmediale, Jazz em Agosto, Serralves Foundation, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Experimental Sound Studio, Casa da Música, Fylkingen, CCRMA, OutFest, Knockdown Center & Rescaldo and collaborated with many artists: Carlos Zíngaro, André Gonçalves, Gabriel Ferrandini, Ondness, Pedro Sousa, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Carlos Santos, Dj Sniff and in ensembles conducted by William Winnant (Zorn’s Cobra), Reinhold Friedl & Ernesto Rodrigues. https://plopesmusic.org

△△△ (GROUNDCOVER.) The solo project by Ataraw who is the leader of experimental dub hardcore band called GROUNDCOVER. It’s the hardcore electro dub. It has unpredictability by spaces between insanity heavy bass sounds and beats that composed by realtime. https://soundcloud.com/ataraw

DJ MEMAI A DJ and a turntablist who mainly performs in Tokyo. Specialized in sessions with various artists as well as solo gigs. Previous featuring artists are Ichiro Shibata (Yura Yura Teikoku), L?K?O, Atsuhiro Ito (Optrum), Toshiharu Mikawa (HIJOKAIDAN), doravideo, Junji Hirose, Masaharu Sato (HIKASHU) and many more. Excels in effectors and scratch or even feedback noise, capable of creating an intense sound environment. The style that creates unique and original ambience fascinates its audiences. Also a member of the band “Fallopian Disco Force” and “S/G/A/V” with HIKO(GAUZE) and “THE OBEY UNIT” with bum aka Kyosuke Terada. The hottest extraordinary DJ in the Tokyo underground scene, now. https://djmemai.com