general notice on my material

The materials you find on my page are reserved (such as pictures of me), except otherwise noted. I encourage remixing and derivative works of what you find here.

copyleft = community

The music of OTO (self-titled record) is now offered under Creative Commons (and streamable on soundcloud). The remainder music is (for now) rights reserved, but by no means implies that you cannot drop me a line and use it for your visuals, remixes or other purposes – just check with me before (I will check with all the other musicians).

using copyrighted material (such as pictures of me, etc..)

Just drop me a line, I’m glad to contribute for educational, community-driven projects or press about music & performance.

list of derivative works used on this website

The following works are used on this website, and remain within the same copyleft license schema as the original:

i like your website, care to share the theme code?

The theme is GPL licensed from Theme Trust, check their website out if you want to buy it.