Lisbon Freedom Unit // A praise of our Folly [CD, Clean Feed Records]

Personnel: Luís Lopes electric  guitar | Rodrigo Amado  tenor sax (left) | Bruno Parrinha  soprano sax & clarinet (center) | Pedro Sousa  tenor sax (right) | Rodrigo Pinheiro  piano & rhodes | Ricardo Jacinto  cello | Hernâni Faustino  double bass | Pedro Lopes  turntables | Gabriel Ferrandini  drums & percussion
Edited by Clean Feed Records
worldwide // 12 eur + shipping  [send email to get quote]

EITR // Anthology of Atypical Portuguese Music [LP, Discrepant Records]

pedro lopes // turntables & pedro sousa // saxophone & electronics
LP compilation by Discrepant Records (1 Track by EITR)
worldwide // 16 eur + shipping  [send email to get quote]

Lopness // Cena Holding [tape, Czaszka Records]

pedro lopes // turntables & Ondness (aka Bruno Silva) // Electronics
tape & digital download // pro-duplicated cassette with two variant covers printed on grey-ish paper. limited to 40 copies
worldwide // 7 eur + shipping  [send email to get quote]


History Of The Lisbon Chaplaincy // Pedro Lopes & Rodrigo Pinheiro & Per Gärdin [CD, Creative Sources Records]

Personnel: Per Gärdin: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone; Pedro Lopes: turntable percussion; Rodrigo Pinheiro: Fincham pipe organ.
CD // Record Label: Creative Sources Recordings // 4 out of 5 in All About Jazz.
worldwide // 10 eur + shipping  [send email to get quote]

deadact’s steam // solo turntable percussion [CD, Creative Sources Records]

pedro lopes // turntables
tape & digital download // handmade tape, 50 hand-numbered copies
worldwide // 7 eur + shipping  [send email to get quote]

EITR // trees have cancer too [mazagran]

pedro lopes // turntables, tapes
pedro sousa // saxophone, electronics
lp-only // 150gr, 150 hand-numbered copies
worldwide // 16 eur + shipping  [send email to get quote]


OTO // mainframe [self-published]

pedro lopes // turntables & sampler
pedro sousa // guitar & electronics
mush von namek // laptop & mainframe
CDR-only, 25 limited copies // now available in creative commons or [send email to get a rare copy]

Pai Do Vento // Anticyclone [digital, self]

pedro lopes & nuno moita (both on turntables & electronics)
digital download on bandcamp

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