9th June 2017 // meta percussions w/ Serpente, Broshuda, Pedro Lopes (solo) at Leibig12, Berlin

9th June 2017 // meta percussions w/ Serpente, Broshuda, Pedro Lopes (solo) at Leibig12, Berlin

// meta percussions: a night that entails new usages / uncanny usages of percussion elements in hybrid music: digital, sampled, acoustic & analog.

curated by and with:

Pedro Lopes [turntable percussion]

Serpente (aka Ondness) [electronics]

Broshuda [electronics]

// why?
We display three examples of weird takes on their own instruments: Pedro Lopes is a turntablist that plays drums on the needles, the sensitivity of those needles when approached as sound-microscopes reveal a layer of new sounds below human hearing perception. Serpente is one of the many heteronyms of Bruno Silva (responsible for Ondness & the DJ duet Sabre), Serpent like the majority of mystical creatures is an illusion master, you don’t know what these sounds are nor why they all sound so hypnotic, and wait… serpents have no ears right?. Lastly, Broshuda is a musician that defies, or better: purposely confuses, genres, the result..? Possible one of the most unique musical personalities on the whole “electronic scene”.

// serpente
Some sort of an Ondness spin-off where all energies channel themselves through percussion, Serpente has been gradually achieving a self-contained state of existence whose output materializes for now on the upcoming ‘Rituais 101’ tape. Voodoo enchantments gathered from dub, jungle and techno debris, on an absolute place of raw and mutating beats & textures. Listen to Serpente.

// pedro lopes
Pedro Lopes is a turntablist metamorphosed into a percussionist. When playing live he deconstructs his instrument, the turntables, into a vehicle of a rapid, post-scratch and post-jazz, musical dialog of analog intonation and acoustic overtones. In Pedro’s music the needles do not merely amplify the vibrations stored in the grooves of the vinyl records. For him, the needles are microscopes that enable us to hear otherwise unheard micro-realities, such as the sound of a fingernail scratching a membrane, a coin revolving as it falls, a brush dragged across a plastic surface. Pedro has been collaborating with artists such as Carlos Zíngaro, Reinhold Friedl, DJ Sniff, Imre Thormann, amongst many others, in a life entangled deeply with his research on interfaces and performance arts. This led him to produce pieces for Transmediale, a Fundação de Serralves, Fylkingen, Ausland, and Goethe Institut. Listen to Pedro.

// Broshuda
This lovely chap doesn’t fit into words, images are better: http://broshuda.tumblr.com/ (yes, that’s Broshuda’s original artwork too!). Broshuda is a heavenly designed mystery, Philipp Weichenrieder wrote: “Broshuda‘s neologisms give hints about his work. As a graphic designer, illustrator and producer he takes fragments from different spheres in music and imagery and rearranges these elements to form his very own collage. But he doesn’t simply sample elements, but creates them mostly himself, sampling versions of existing patterns and brings them together. What Broshuda’s music actually sounds like is hard to pinpoint, however other works on labels like Seagrave and Phinery Tapes are characterized by rough analogue sounds and the charm of cassette fidelity. Broshuda’s constructions are abstract yet fully formed providing experiments that aren’t deadly serious, elitist or conceited, and they combine deep thoughts and ideas with warmer emotive content and surrealistic humour.” … I kinda of agree! Listen to broshuda.

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