6th May // solo @ Life Changing Ministries // Oakland

6th May // solo @ Life Changing Ministries // Oakland

LCM is honored to be hosting metaphysical turntable artist Pedro Lopes…not to be missed!

∞ Pedro Lopes (Berlin) ∞
[turntable percussion, cymbals and modified needles]

Pedro Lopes is a turntablist metamorphosed into a percussionist. When playing live he deconstructs his instrument, the turntables, into a vehicle of a rapid, post-scratch and post-jazz, musical dialog of analog intonation and acoustic overtones. In Pedro’s music the needles do not merely amplify the vibrations stored in the grooves of the vinyl records. For him, the needles are microscopes that enable us to hear otherwise unheard micro-realities, such as the sound of a fingernail scratching a membrane, a coin revolving as it falls, a brush dragged across a plastic surface. Pedro has been collaborating with artists such as Carlos Zíngaro, Reinhold Friedl, DJ Sniff, Imre Thormann, amongst many others, in a life entangled deeply with his research on interfaces and performance arts. This extra-musical investigations have led him to produce pieces for Transmediale, a Fundação de Serralves, Fylkingen, Ausland, and Goethe Institut.

Beast Nest

∞ Bonus Beast ∞

Bill Baird

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