3rd September // Hour of the Wolf: an improvisational piece // SomoS gallery

3rd September // Hour of the Wolf: an improvisational piece // SomoS gallery

// The Hour of the Wolf
// an improvisational duet piece

Stefan Brunner
guitar & electronics

Pedro Lopes
turntables with percussive objects, self-built needles & self-pressed records

The Hour of the Wolf is an improvisational piece upon an associative score, created by Stefan Brunner. (ca. 30 min).

// Intro

Stefan & Pedro are both experienced performance artists who met this year at an innovators & creative conference where they both were invited as speakers, discussing thematics such as new musical interfaces and the impact of bodies in technology. Soon, they found out that they not only share a common musical taste, but are also neighbors in Berlin.

//Hour of the Wolf

They quickly decided to go into the studio together, where they started working on “The Hour of the Wolf”, an improvisational piece by Stefan Brunner. The piece is based on an associative “story”, divided into 8 chapters. Both musicians refect upon the structural text to generate an ever changing piece which, while being fully improvised, is still based on the solid foundation of a common storyline. Unlike most improvisational methodologies, the associative and structural aspects present in Hour of the Wolf allow for rapid intercuts between the musicians and a multi-layered dialog of emotions, sounds and images.

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