Gesture Research #1 (multitouching…)

So I gather a collection of gestures (that later will turn into my pool of tests for users analyse user behaviour – prior to defining the gestures for my dj system) by means of observation of multiple systems and multitouch demos:

a) Reactable

(note: the reactable relies mainly on tangible objects, but parameter changes are done via gestures/touch, so its a interface worth of researching..)


Gathered info from: Luckly, I’ve used the Reactable once – after a concert/showcase integrated in a festival where I played with Whit – and got a first person experience with the incredible interface. Also I’ve seen it being performed live 2 times in Portugal and there’s a bunch of videos out there for analysis. On a more technical note, you can acess the articles on the Reactable project at the archive page from UPF.

b) tbeta demos

(i.e.: the very popular photo demo, google maps navigation and etc…)




Gathered info from: from the demos package available on the NUI group page.

c) surface

(note: the surface has pretty much the same gestures as the rest of MT tables)


Gathered info from: Microsoft is a closed one, but I’ve tryed surface recently on the Mix event – where I saw the talk of August de los Reyes (director of the project) – and had my first person experience with the product there. Also there are a lot of videos to analyze the type of gestures mainly used but theres a void of technical information available.

d) iPhone and similar PDA/mobile devices


Gathered info from: Recently I participated in the Future Places festival and in the final day I played with the THE FUTURE PLACES IMPROMPTU ALL-STARS ORCHESTRA, which gathers many artists to improv with music – luckly there was two guys playing with iPhone apps – one using sounds to feed an analogue synth and other using a touch app that sequenced music and sounds. Whatching them interact with those portable “instruments” told me a lil’ something about the gestures.

And: Also I’ve seen and tryed myself apps for iPhone that use gesture recognition to extend the capabilities of touch.

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