Conductive Ensemble, A Game of You, at Spektrum & Disruption Network Lab, Pedro Lopes, 2015.

Conductive-ensemble is a series of on going performances by Pedro Lopes, in which musicians are controlled by the audience. This is a critical piece about the notion of control and social networks (which exert another type of control).
setting: On stage, a quartet of musicians is controlled by the audience smartphones. To interact, audience simply opens their browser and taps on buttons to decide which musician they want to “play” with.

Musicians of the first iteration: Rui Nogueiro // bass // Pedro Lopes // turntable percussion // Stefan Brunner // processed guitar // Emílio Gordoa // extended vibraphone

thanks to: Gabriel S. Moses (also a dedication to his work) // Desirée Förster // Alexandra Ion // David Lindlbauer // SPEKTRUM BERLIN (Alfredo & Lieke) // DNL (Disruption Network Lab)

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