Majhora FM project at ‘Serralves em Festa’.

Live improvised music & radioplay by Pedro Lopes & JASG. Project by Manuela São Simão and Joana Mateus performed at Serralves em Festa, Porto.

In these project Manuela São Simão went totally overboard and created a public installation/radiopiece that was broadcast live over microFM to the listeners, all spread through the Serralves Garden. Hundreds of FM radios were given out, and my improvisation was streamed directly to them.


João Pádua for the copyrighted photographs for the Serralves presentation.

Rádio Zero, for all the precious help with the micro FM transmission & the flickr photo set (explore more here)

performance by Manuela São Simão & Joana Mateus, music by Pedro Lopes. Performed at Fundação de Serralves.